Portland Winter Light Festival Call for Volunteers!

The Portland Winter Light Festival is proud to announce that volunteer sign-ups for the 2017 Festival are now available!  The following position descriptions are from the PWLF volunteer webpage.  Click a position title for full descriptions and to register to volunteer!

Festival dates are Wednesday through Saturday, February 1-4, 2017. Any questions? Contact Michelle David, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@pdxwlf.com.

Artwork Guardians help Festival visitors interact respectfully with the art at the Festival. They also answer questions about the artwork, artists, and the Portland Winter Light Festival.

Clean Green Team volunteers are the sustainability superheroesof the Festival! This Team monitors the Festival grounds to keep the site free of litter, sets up/removes trash and recycle bins, sorts recycling and otherwise help to ensure the health of the Festival site. (Click here for leadership signups)

Festival Setup/Strike Volunteers work directly with the artists during installation and strike.  This is a wonderful way to get ‘behind the scenes’ with the Festival!

Fire Tenders tend and stoke the wood burning fires around the Festival; Fire Tenders also supervise our many flaming sculptures. (Click here for leadership signups)

Info Booth & Merch Sales Team shifts are for knowledgeable volunteers that love to help others! Duties include answering all sorts of questions regarding the Festival, maintaining the Lost & Found, aiding lost children, and notifying Security of any incidents regarding injured attendees. This team also sells PWLF merchandise during the event. (Click here for leadership signups)

Lantern Parade Volunteers will help ensure that the Saturday night lantern parade is a fun and festive experience for all. Duties will vary depending on assignment from the Lantern Parade Coordinator but may involve crowd control, route set-up, assisting people with lantern assembly, keeping paraders on the correct path, and serving as beacons of light. (Click here for leadership signups)

Portland Spirit Team members will be the Portland Winter Light Festival ambassadors for the Portland Spirit ships. Once again, the Portland Spirit is thoughtfully sponsoring free journeys across the Willamette River!  By helping PWLF maintain lines and monitor capacity, these volunteers are essential to the continued success of the Portland Spirit program. (Click here for leadership signups)

The Survey Squad & Crowd Counters Getting information about just who attends the Portland Winter Light Festival is vitally important: in choosing art for future years, in qualifying for major grants, and in creating better experiences. (Click here for leadership signups)

The Volunteer Check-In Team is the front line for volunteers, acting as a central resource for folks who are checking in, providing instructions and supplies, identifying gaps in coverage, and placing walk-up volunteers where they are most needed. Helpers and Greeters, this shift is for you! (Click here for leadership signups)

Wayfinders actively assist attendees in having the best possible time. Armed with an intimate knowledge of the Festival grounds, these volunteers are stationed around the Festival to answer questions about artwork placement, to direct attendees to restrooms and food carts, and to make sure folks don’t miss a thing. (Click here for leadership signups)


Cover image: “Light Spiral” by David Koff; Photo by Tom Lange.