Volunteer for AFO Honored Citizen 2016!

Friends and colleagues will gather on Thursday, October 13, 2016, at Oregon Convention Center to celebrate Lee Kelly, a “national treasure” who began studying architecture in the early 1950’s at Vanport College, now Portland State University.  Lee Kelly’s contributions to Oregon’s designed and built environment are visible throughout Oregon as you drive along the freeway, stroll through the park, or hurry to class on campus.

Full information about Lee Kelly and the Honored Citizen event can be found here >>

The Architecture Foundation of Oregon has several volunteer opportunities available for this event, all of which yield a complimentary ticket!  Here’s are the options:

  • Wednesday, October 12, 9am-2pm (or some portion of that):  3 volunteers to help with Stage Set Construction
  • Wednesday, October 12, 4-6pm:  2 volunteers to help with table centerpiece assembly & placement
  • Thursday, October 13, 4:30-5:30pm:  2 volunteers to greet and direct Patron Party guests
  • Thursday, October 13, 5-7pm:  8 volunteers to help with registration, greeting and silent auction tasks
  • Thursday, October 13, 9:30-10:30pm:  4 volunteers to help with stage set take-down, centerpieces, auction, etc

Please contact Susan Myers (susan@af-oregon.org) if you’re interested in helping out or if you have any questions.

About the event:
Honored Citizen dinner recognizing Lee Kelly’s contributions to our designed and built environment
Thursday, October 13 from 5:30-9pm
Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom
650 attendees expected


Cover image submitted courtesy AFO.