Van Evera Bailey Fellowship Applications Open!

Are you an experienced architect or related professional, eager to contribute to the community and to your professional development through a project you’ve never had time for? The Architecture Foundation of Oregon highly encourages you to apply to be their 2017 Van Evera Bailey Fellow, a $25,000 award made possible through a partnership with The Oregon Community Foundation. Looking at their past fellows, you can see the wide range of projects that are selected each year, such as:

  • Understanding how architecture and space inform educational pedagogies
  • Creating an Oregon Public Broadcasting podcast on design in the rapidly changing City of Portland
  • Studying the impact of human behavior in high-performance buildings
  • Research leading to Portland’s first Winter Light Festival

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Van Evera Bailey Fellowship
Since 2001, the Architecture Foundation of Oregon has been privileged to work with The Van Evera and Janet M. Bailey Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation in awarding the now $25,000 annual Van Evera Bailey Fellowship to advance the professional development of experienced architects and related professionals, encouraging greater contributions to their profession and their community.

Fellowship projects may follow a variety of paths, from pure research involving reflection on professional issues and challenges, to practical research involving projects designed to have specific results. Examples of eligible activities include, but are not limited to:

  • sabbaticals for study of innovative architectural design to be applied in Oregon
  • teaching engagements that promise enhancement of the applicant’s and students’ creativity in architectural design
  • collaborations of architects and planners or others toward the implementation of new projects
  • preparation of public education projects; or research and writing on a specific topic

Support may be requested for stipends, travel, lodging, materials, and other relevant needs. The Fellowship is intended to promote dissemination and application of ideas. Projects must include follow-up activities such as seminars, written documentation, lectures, media presentations, tours, or other means to share results with the professional community and general public.

Applications due by Friday, September 8, 2017 for projects to begin in January 2018.

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About the Architecture Foundation of Oregon
The Architecture Foundation of Oregon supports Oregon’s quality of life and creates awareness of our designed environments through education, engagement, philanthropy & inspiration.

Design can be nearly invisible yet it has considerable impact on our everyday lives. afo helps people connect to design and the ways in which it shapes their lives and their communities.

As populations continue to grow and the natural environment is increasingly built upon, afo works to foster thoughtful, considered decisions about the buildings and infrastructure that are placed in our world. Oregon, in particular, is a very special, almost sacred place. With its rugged Pacific coastline, its pristine mountain ranges, sumptuous river valleys, vast high deserts and fertile agricultural lands, it reminds us of why our predecessors faced arduous journeys to reside here.

Putting a shovel in that land, felling a tree, pouring a foundation, erecting or altering a structure, neighborhood or community are privileges that come with a deep responsibility to step lightly on the earth. We share responsibility, not only in terms of ecological consciousness, but also with regard to the visual, spatial and tactile impact that the built environment has on our daily lives. We must pay attention to the shadows that are cast, the pathways that might be blocked, and the connections that may be broken as changes are made.

Thoughtful, considered design enhances our relationship to the natural environment and to humanity. afo works to help Oregonians understand this and to learn how they can contribute to preserving our very special sense of place even as our numbers increase and our presence expands.


Cover image courtesy of the Portland Winter Light Festival.