We Do What We Do Because of You.

Portland Design Events crowd at LMS Architects Lecture

Our mission at Portland Design Events is to make it easy for members of our community to find and participate in conversations about the impact of design in our everyday lives.

We are a master calendar, posting and actively sharing events for dozens of local organizations and individuals.  With the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats, we promote events for everyone to everyone, as a service to our design community.


Since our founding in 2016, we have:

  • Shared over 1,900 events with our community
  • Published over 65 articles for local design organizations
  • Reached over 116,000 website visitors


The work we do reaches the community via:

  • Weekly email digests sent to over 750 people
  • Facebook reach of over 5,800 people
  • Instagram reach of over 6,500 people


We also proudly organize stand-alone events, including a quarterly lecture series that brings innovative designers from around the world to share their work and process with the Portland community.

"Portland Design Events has become not only a one-stop-shop for people seeking listings of regular industry get-togethers and educational seminars, but also a hub of other features that evoke inspiration and bring the community together around creativity and design."

- DJC Oregon 2017 Newsmakers Program

Your Support Keeps Us Going.

This entire project is a volunteer effort, led mainly by one person working around 20 hours/week to maintain the site.  We have real costs – things like web hosting, plugins, maintenance, updates, software, marketing, administration, and staff time.  Combined, these add up to thousands of dollars each year in hard costs alone.  We need your help to keep it moving forward.

A donation of any amount helps us continue to provide this service, improve on the work we do, and allows us to explore even better ways to bring our community closer together.  Join in our work by making a contribution that’s meaningful to you.

Make an Impact Today.

Thank You.