Fast ForWARD Call for Presenters!

The AIA Portland Forum for Women in Architecture and Related Design (ForWARD) Committee has put out a call for presenters for its 5th annual FastForWARD event!  I’ve personally gone to this event the past few years, and can honestly say it is one that I look ForWARD to (pun absolutely intended) each and every year.  Here’s the official call for presenters, from Jennifer Wright, Chair of the ForWARD Committee:

Be part of an inspired evening of storytelling based on the fast paced Pecha Kucha style of presentation. This format, known as the art of concise presentations, keeps you on your toes as your 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each for a total time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Scheduled for the evening of Thursday April 13th, this will be the ForWARD Committee’s 5th annual FastForWARD event and we are inviting those interested in presenting to reach out to us with your idea.

This year’s theme is based on the idea of Transition. Changes at a personal level to a global level, you decide what story to tell. We are living in a transformative time. Global uncertainty and a dynamic political climate dominate the headlines, while locally our community is struggling under the pressure of tremendous growth and change. As professionals we balance being part of the solution and part of the problem. We must understand the past in order to successfully see the next step towards progress. Understand our own identity, so that we adapt without losing our sense of place.

As we transform, it’s important for us as a City to keep the end in mind – what kind of Portland do we want to grow into? How do we effectively plan for change? Join us as we share stories related to Transition, be it grand or small, that allow us to move forward and rise towards our future collective vision.

To learn more about the Pecha Kucha format, check out this post. We will be accepting and reviewing presenter ideas until March 3rd, email your pitch here. The timing for the event limits us to 8 or 9 presenters and we are hoping for a diversity of backgrounds.


About ForWARD
The Forum for Women in Architecture and Related Design (ForWARD) provides programming and community for the diverse group of women involved in the built environment. ForWARD sponsors events throughout the year: speakers, building tours, panel discussions, and more, allowing our members to network across disciplines, explore design related interests, and mentor one another. ForWARD is open to all disciplines of building, design and related topics, and all events are open to the public.


Cover image courtesy Pexels.