afo Lee Kelly Sculpture Photo Contest!
AFO Honored Citizen 2016

Please join us in a tribute to Lee Kelly, the Architecture Foundation of Oregon’s 2016 honored citizen, for his significant contributions to Oregon’s designed environment.

Help us celebrate a “national treasure” who began studying architecture in the early 1950’s at Vanport College, now Portland State University. Lee Kelly’s contributions to Oregon’s designed and built environment are visible throughout Oregon as you drive along the freeway, stroll through the park, or hurry to class on campus.

We are excited to share the stories of the 2016 afo Honored Citizen with our audience and to further afo’s mission of connecting Oregonians with our designed environments. We promise it will be an extraordinary evening!


In celebration of Honored Citizen, AFO has launched a Photo Contest!

How to participate:

  1. Photograph a Lee Kelly sculpture and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #afohonoredcitizen
  2. Creativity counts!
  3. Like the Architecture Foundation of Oregon on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.


Winning photos published in AFO e-news, subscribe at


View all Instagram entries in real-time below:

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Cover image courtesy of the artist and Elizabeth Leach Gallery.